A little about Svensons
Svensons flea circuses and our show was started 1999 by Sven, my son.

Sven has been fascinated by the circus since he first began to talk, he always wanted
to own a real circus. But, of course, he knew this was unlikely, but everyone has thier
However, one day when he was about 9 years old he discovered a Flea Circus picture
in an old book, now here was a circus that he could own and be the ringmaster of!

So he set to creating one, and after much experimenting he created his first circus. 
His circus was great and everyone loved it!
A few   years later he had the idea of making a very small flea circus in a cigar box,
again everyone loved it and he even stopped people in the street to give little shows!

My name is Eric and I'm Svens father. Svens interest in flea circuses slowly brushed off
on me and as Sven got older and grew out of the Flea Circus I grew into it and turned it
into a full time occupation.

Svensons have grown to become the UKs most popular flea circus show, and the worlds
only full time flea circus maker!

We have featured on BBC TV, Sky TV, radio, newspapers, and Svensons were the flea
circus of choice for "David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities" that was shown on
'Watch TV'.
Click the link to see a clip........
Svens interests have advanced to full size fairground rides, but we have him to thank
for Svensons Flea Circuses, and I have him to 
thank for the best job in the world! 





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